GaLiLeO Collaborators

Galileo’s Correspondence

  • Hannah Marcus and Paula Findlen: metadata and contents of letters
  • Data curators: Hannah Marcus, Daniele Macuglia, Rachel Midura, Mackenzie Cooley, Paolo Savoia, Demetrius Loufas, Brian Brege, Padraic Rohan, Chris Bacich, Julia Roever, Charlotte Thun-Hohenstein
  • Undergraduate assistants: Kyle Lee-Crossett, Max Morales
  • Morgan MacLeod: Python tools for tag analysis

Galileo’s Library

  • Crystal Hall: GaLiLeO infrastructure & tool development, corpus integration, library and correspondence document gathering, text cleaning, analysis, documentation on this site (drawing from Keynote presentation co-authored with Hannah Marcus for the September 2018 prototype demonstration).
  • Aaron Gilbreath: shiny app design (for visualizing descriptions of the corpus)
  • Additional transcribers and text cleaners: Gaby Papper ’18, Dean Zucconi ’19, Ingrid Horton (MAI Services)

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