GaLiLeO Features – Planned

Any word in the letters or library is:

  • a string of alphanumeric characters (ngram)
  • a potential editorial tag
  • a part of speech (POS)
  • a keyword in multiple contexts (KWIC)
  • a piece of multiple semantic networks
  • a top word in topic(s)
  • an abstraction (dictionary)
  • a concept (collection of instances)
  • an expression in time
  • a position in a vector of words
  • part of metadata
  • part of text
  • a visual object
  • an instance of a frequency of usage:
    • In the corpus
    • In works written by Galileo
    • In works written by others

As such, we want to build tools that allow visual or numerical points of entry for understanding words in their multiple significances in the collection of documents. We imagine a dashboard of widgets similar to Voyant, ultimately more user-friendly than the Jupyter notebooks we used to demonstrate the prototype to our colleagues.

Among other new widgets to develop, I would like to find a better way to visualize co-occuring words over time, likely through incorporation of a diverging bar plot.

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